Innovation Resolution Path
1  introduction of something new
2  a novel new idea, method, or device
3  bringing a new technology to market    

res·o·lu·tion \ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən\

1  solving of a problem
2  measure of detail clarity
3  decision to do something
4  determination

To get to where you want to go,
you have to know where you want to be
At Innovation Resolution we help refocus your
business goals, and create a path to get there 

Complex programs require a broad view, seeing your goal clearly, and the entire forest in front of you before you can truly create the fastest path to the other side. We are here to help you get there.


Our strengths include facilitating collaboration across functions to gain alignment, driving clarity on product development or process improvement goals, and  identifying and prioritizing product portfolio opportunities that have the best value for the marketplace and the company. Once the direction is clear, we can help develop and lead program plans to execute the common vision for the successful innovation, growth, or change.

Experience leading different business functions across multiple product categories and markets have honed a unique skill set for creating collaboration and getting the right things done effectively and efficiently.     

We offer management consulting services in a variety of areas to take your business to the next level.
  1. Product Development
    We can help take you from concept through commercialization, with expertise in stage gate processes, patent filing, cGMP requirements, new or improved product launch.
  2. Process Improvement
    FDA or EPA compliant quality systems, product redesign for manufacturability, cost, or strategic sourcing.
  3. M&A Integration
    No matter how much you plan, integrating people and products can be trickier than expected. A calm, experienced neutral voice can help smooth out the rough patches.
  4. Change Management
    Change is hard. People do what they think is best, and often resist what is new. We can help people turn the corner and follow your new vision.
  5. Sustainability
    We only get one earth. Being a good corporate citizen can improve your process and bottom line while you reduce your carbon foot print.
  6. Strategic Plans
    Long term planning can be so hard with everyday market pressures. Let's help balance the short and long view.
Our market expertise covers B2B and retail distribution
  1. Medical Supplies
    Medical Supplies
  2. EPA Registered Disinfectants
    EPA Registered Disinfectants
  3. Personal Care Products
    Personal Care Products
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